Who is Dan Polo?

I am Dan Polo, original from San Juan Puerto Rico.
I am your dog trainer, here to help you and your dog create the relationship you are
meant to have.
I am a big animal lover. I love dogs and love helping them in any way I can.
I will never give up on a dog!
I grew up in a household where dogs were everywhere you looked.
My family had all sorts of dogs in the property. As I grew up I always felt safe and
among friends when I had dogs around. I always felt more comfortable among dogs than
among other kids. My grandfather and grandmother played a key role in my life, my
relationship with animals and in who I am today. As a kid, I always remember being
told "if you get bit, it is your own fault". When my grandpa would say that, he
didn't say it because he cared more about the dogs than he cared about me but
because he wanted me to respect the dogs and treat them and all animals with
dignity. My grandpa and grandma were the kind of people that were always in tune
with nature and wanted things to be balanced.
I have always considered myself lucky because growing up I had the chance to
interact with our dogs' vets and vet techs and they would teach me all sorts of
things, which at one point made me want to be a vet. We had so many dogs that me
being at the vet just for routine care of any one dog at least once or twice a week
was a norm. Today, one of my biggest regrets is the fact that instead of going for
animal science I ended up aiming for the human medical field just to find that
Medical school was not my thing.
Anyways, one day while by myself as usual on a weekend this guy came down into the property after someone had left the
main gate open. This guy came asking a lot of questions about who was in the house, etc. He seemed kind of fishy. At one
point he started telling me that he wanted to come into the house to use the phone. I said I could bring him a cordless
phone but I was not allowed to bring strangers into the house, well at one point Princesa one of our loyal Doberman took a
stance between the guy and me and began to growl and show teeth. She must have sensed something was wrong and decided to
take over and protect me. This guy got all agitated and began to swear and threaten me. Princesa in front of me allowed me
to get back in the house and lock myself in with her and the other Doberman we had. All the dogs got agitated once I was
inside and eventually the guy left.
When I was fifteen years old I had a paper route (against my mom's wishes) because I was saving money to fix a car for
when I turned sixteen. Anyways, at one point this one dog began following me every morning during my paper route. I never
knew where this dog was, but every morning at 5 am this dog would be at my home waiting for me in front of my newspapers
to deliver. I named him Charlie, and this skinny tan colored dog would walk by my side all the route. I would always feed
him soon as I returned home from my route, but as much as I begged my mom to let me keep him she never allowed me.
Anyways, one morning while I was delivering newspapers a car approached me out of the blue and one guy got off this car to
try to catch me. Eventually I found through the police that there had been some guys basically abducting teenagers to beat
them up and steal their money. Well Charlie got between this guy and me and charged at him, the guy ran into the car and
they disappeared. I kept delivering newspapers for a while and eventually after I got my car about 8 months later I quit.
Every day, Charlie followed me (even when I had my car) to deliver newspapers. I always wondered what happened to this
guy, for as quick as he came into my life he left.
I was always afraid he might have been killed or taken to the pound.

My education in college was basically six years of Biology and Psychology at Universidad Del Sagrado Corazon (Sacred Heart
University) of Puerto Rico.
I also have an associates degree in Radiologic Technology, and have been working since 1994 in the field of radiology. I
do anything related to radiography, CT and MRI scanning.

After so many years working in health care I decided in 2004 to train dogs as a hobby, starting with my own after they had
been trained by a local trainer and man I consider a friend in Louisville. Bob Dover trained my personal dogs to a high
level of precision and inspired me to try learning dog training skills.

After adopting my first Rescue Rottweiler (Annie), I had to work with some fear issues she had and had to educate myself
on lots of ways to help her overcome her fears. A year later I adopted my second Rottie (Rajah), a boisterous and highly
energetic little boy. After doing Rajah's formal obedience course I had to keep learning about canine behavior in order to
make sure he was always challenged and not bored or frustrated.

While assigned to Camp Lejeune NC, I volunteered for North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue as a foster and teaching basics on
house training and obedience to my fosters. I take pride on each foster dog that I have worked with at any given time.
Somehow, over the years I have become known by family and friends for being able to help dogs change undesirable behaviors
and being able to teach dogs basic commands.

After doing dog training mostly as a hobby and something I do for rescues, shelters and friends I was encouraged to going
into business on my own and so here I am, making a little bit of a career change. My dream of having a job where I can
work with animals, especially dogs has finally come through. I am very disciplined and dedicated in everything I do and I
take lot of pride on what I do and on doing thins right the first time.
As a kid we had all sorts of breeds of dogs, even mutts (called Satos in
PR). German Shepherds, Collies, Doberman, Collies, and a Rottweiler, among
others were some of the breeds I grew up with.
For some reason, even stranger dogs on the street would always approach me
and trust me. I can sense dogs feel comfortable near me.
I actually always say I owe my life to two dogs, one is a female Doberman
named Princesa and the other one is a Puerto Rican Sato dog.
One instance in my life when I was probably saved by a dog, was when I was
about 13 years old and was by myself at my grandma's house. My
grandparent's place was quite big a piece of land and quite isolated.
If you have a dog with aggression issues, you definitely
want a trainer not afraid of getting bit. One of the things I
am trained at, is to Decoy (play the bad guy) for Police and
protection trained dogs.
Although I am original from Puerto Rico, I currently reside in Louisville Kentucky and still
work at a local hospital in radiology. I am trained in CT scan and MRI as well as on how to
perform what is called interventional radiology.

Dog training allows me to use the knowledge I gained in my original college education as I
majored in Biology and minored in Psychology. Although canine psychology has some
differences from human psychology, learning theory applies the same way. Dogs learn by
association and believe it or not so do humans at early age (babies).

I am a proud dog parent. Although my two very loyal and smart Rottweilers, Rajah my boy and
Annie my gentle girl have passed away; I still have my Nicki (a little "shepherd mix" or so
labeled by Humane Society in Tampa, FL) and my protection trained Belgian Malinois Vinnie. I
also have several permanent foster dogs which for whatever reasons could never find forever
homes. In addition to my personal and foster fur kids, my wife has a Rottie mix and a 20
pound mixed dog we brought from Puerto Rico in 2012. We live with dogs of all sorts pretty
much, but obedience training is what keeps harmony in the home.

I have some military background and love exercise. One thing I use in my training,
especially on behavior modification is exercise. The is nothing like a 30 minute run to make
you feel refreshed and renewed. Dogs need and love exercise, so I enjoy taking dogs running
with me as well as for walks.

Pretty much this is me. Thanks for reading and for visiting this site.
Marine Corps Ball 2012
Camp Lejeune, NC