My Methods
My methods are simple and to the point. However, I do not sugar coat anything. I
rather be honest with you and make you successful than beat around the bushes and
set you for and your dog for failure.
My goal is to use positive only as much as possible, mostly using baiting
techniques. However I am trained on proper use of equipment such as electronic
collars and corrective devices such as prong collars, halties, harnesses, etc.
I believe in escalating as necessary. Why should I be yanking the dog into a sit,
when I can simply teach him or her the command by baiting them into the position I
want them to be in?
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No matter what method you use to train any animal, the key to
success is being consistent. All I ask from you, is to leave
at the door any preconceived notions on dog training,
techniques, equipment. If you are coming to me for help with
your dog, I ask for an open mind. I will not suggest or do
anything that will harm or hurt your dog. If I suggest a
piece of equipment and you don't feel comfortable using it,
wear it and try it. Believe me, I have worn anything my dogs
have worn.
I do not use Halti, Gentle Leaders, Harnesses or Flexi
Leashes for basic obedience. All you need is a leash and a
collar. In some cases I might suggest the use of a prong
collar as a correction tool. This tool does not hurt your dog.
If I suggest the use of an Electronic Collar, at any stage of
training I will train you correctly at how to use it. I have
rules on how to use each piece of equipment, especially electronic collars. Electronic collars are awesome tools, but if
abused can be detrimental to the dog.
Training equipment is just that, training equipment. It is meant to go away eventually as the dog becomes more and more
consistent with his or her obedience.