So how much does it cost to use Dan's services?

Polo K-9 is very affordable because I pretty much do it all by making house calls.
I do not have a kennel to pay rent for, nor major expenses such as employees, etc
You don't have to go to the trainer, the trainer comes to you.
My main interest is your dog's well being and you will find my fees are very reasonable.
Below, you may book sessions by clicking on the desired link:

Initial evaluation and consultation = $75.00
Basic Obedience Training session = $65.00
Intermediate Obedience Session = $55 to $65
Advanced Obedience Session = $45 to $65

Behavior modification initial evaluation and session = $100.00
Additional sessions = $75.00 each

Initial evaluation might range between 1 and 2 hours
Obedience Training sessions will range between 45 minutes and one hour.
Behavior modification sessions will range between one and one and a half hours.

I can design different packages tailored to your needs and your dog's.

At the initial consultation I will summarize a training or treatment plan and
l can design different options to suit your needs and your dog's.
I accept cash, money orders, credit cards and PayPal.
***** If booking online, please fill out the "
Training Application" below *****
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