Welcome to Polo K-9
Welcome to Polo K-9, where all dogs matter and will receive the education and
discipline a stable and balanced loving pet needs.
Located  in Louisville KY, here you can expect nothing but professional service from
a qualified dog trainer that you and your dog can trust.

Here at Polo K-9, I Dan Polo train dogs and people to understand each other and
communicate better. Dogs are very Black and White, sadly people raise their dogs
with too many gray areas without realizing it and then blame the dog for the
I specialize in handling and training difficult dogs to obey reliably on and
off-leash. I offer practical solutions for the most extreme behavioral problems, and
train dogs for basic obedience as well as some advanced skills.

Rehabilitation for aggressive and fearful dogs is considered my forte.
Is your dog is a reject from any other training program? Or just "untrainable"?
You are in the right place, then.

Because every dog and situation is unique, I cannot give you a magic formula to
solve every problem with every dog. However, no matter what the problem or issue is
I will analyze your dog and his or her environment. Once I figure out what triggers
the behavior I will tailor a plan customized to your dog's needs.
My methods are very effective and your dog will be on the right track to recovery.
In dogs sniffing is believing and in humans seeing is believing so if you are ready
to bring balance and discipline to your dog I invite you to consider my services.
On the initial consultation I will evaluate you and your dog's needs.
Once the assessment is complete, we can start right there or as soon as convenient to
you. I am sure that once you see me interact with your dog, you will see what
I can offer and we can together work a plan.

My fees are fairly reasonable, since my main objective in dog training is nothing but
your dog's well being. I want you and your dog to have the ultimate relationship. I
demonstrate that with proper knowledge, respect, dedication and patience results can
be achieved with any dog.

I Dan Polo am trained in many different styles and methods of training, behavior
modification and use my own unique approach to gain respect, trust and control and
modify the behavior of any dog.
Don't blame them.......Train them...........
I serve the Louisville KY area in the manner of private house call training.
I do not yet have a physical location where to run a training kennel.
I volunteer time with different rescues and nothing brings me more satisfaction than seeing a dog bloom to his or her
fullest potential

You need to see to believe it? You have a dog already labeled hopeless?
Call me at
502-445-9560 or shoot me an e-mail at dan@polok-9.com
Rufus here was a
difficult dog and
about to be
euthanized because
of being destructive
and all over the
place. He is now my
permanent foster
and assistant.
Trained in basic
and some advanced
Polo Canine, LLC is now a retailer for Pet Food
and more.....
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As I work on this page please, if you need anything pet shoot me an e-mail and I will be glad to get
whatever you need and  meet or beat any price you find anywhere. I will deliver your dog's or cat's
food personally as well as any item you might need.