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How did Juno come into our lives and why is she so special?
Well Juno was given to me by Myrna and her husband Heber, two very close friends of mine from my years in Sacred Heart University back in PR.
Back in 1997, 1998; Heber got a job offer in Cincinnati Ohio so he and his entire family had to sell their home in PR and move. At the time they had 3 dogs, of which 2 were Rottweilers (Juno and Sheba) and one was and Airedale terrier (Alf). Since Myrna and Heber were moving with the kids into an apartment, there was no way they could take their babies. Somehow it occurred to Myrna to ask me if I could take any of them in.
Since I myself had plans on moving out of the island I had to pretty much see if my grandma could help. We had always had mostly Dobermans in the house and had just lost Princesa ("Princess") to mandible cancer at age 13. Grandma had considered another dog, but we were not sure on how to start all over with a Doberman. Grandma was close 70 years of age so we needed a dog that would be quiet and easy for her to handle.
Grandma's 75 birthbay December 2001
Alf the Airedale went straight to Myrna's in laws to be spoiled rotten.
Well, Myrna's rotties still needed a good home and my grandma needed a companion that would be easy to handle and we didn't have the time to raise a pup to train 2 years later.
We needed mature a dog or dogs. I had known these dogs since 1993 or 1994, and knew how wonderful and well taken care of they were so I told grandma about them and although Juno and Sheba were 6 years of age at the time (actually Sheba was a bit older than Juno).
To be honest grandma was skeptical about taking both in, due to the fact that they were a breed we had never handled before and she had never had contact with them before.
She used to say that if she had known they were this wonderful she would have taken both Rotties. Realistically, I was getting married and plans had been made to move away so we would be on our own 100%. Since me staying in PR was a negative, then grandma said she would take one so she could dedicate her time, etc.
To be honest I am not proud of lying to grandma, but I had to tell her that Juno was only 3 years old (when she really was 6) so she would not be concerned about the dog not getting used to her or something. The only reason I did this was because of how well I knew these dogs and how stable they were. Sheba (the other Rottie) was taken in by one of my brother's girlfriend's family, to live in a huge property with lot of land and woods.
Everybody in the family knew the truth, except for grandma, although I am pretty sure that at one point she found out because I mistakenly said her age to someone at some point and grandma heard me. I am pretty sure she knew although she never said anything. Funny thing though, grandma used to always say that had she known that Juno was the way she was, she would have taken both Rotties together.
Juno was to my grandma, just as she was to Myrna, Heber, and their girl Karen, a great companion and protector.
Grandma died on July 3rd 2003, two months after she had helped Aida and me buy a house. We had plans on her coming over with Juno so she could spend some time with us in KY.
At the time everybody was wondering what was going to happen to Juno, who could she go to? She was so attached to grandma and me. Well my cousins that lived in the same property next door to grandma decided to take care of Juno, since at the time no airline would fly Juno due to the hot weather. Long story short, one year later we returned to PR on a 3 week vacation to find out that Juno had been depressed lately and was refusing to eat. Somehow she ate when I would feed her, so we spent the whole 3 weeks getting her back in shape and ready to fly. We found out that no airline would fly her, except for Delta through their Pet First service. We took our chances. Despite of all odds being against her she made it alive to Louisville KY. There was some concern on how she would get along with Annie (a Rottweiler we had just adopted a few months before), Juno had always gotten along with other dogs but this would be a new environment, new everything... Would this work? Well it did... Aida got to the Airport with Annie and Myrna to pick Juno up... Myrna was there to help in case there was a problem, since she obviously had more experience handling Juno than Aida. Aida had never had a dog until we adopted Annie just a couple of months before. Aida knew and had handled Juno before, but again a different everything for a dog makes a huge difference...
Juno's, last time to the beach June 6th 2004. One more day to leave.
Juno at her favorite spot of the house, on the porch area. As usual with her front legs crossed
December 2002
but not forgotten