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Physical fitness and proper nutrition have become something very
important to me throughout my life.
Physical fitness is not something that lasts forever unless one
dedicates time to it.
How physically fit you are thoughout your life will determine how
healthy and productive you are. An exercise routine or workout
does not have to take your entire day, just a few hours a day. One
or two hours that you dedicate to your body will make a huge
difference in your quality of life. Try it, you'll love it...
Here are a few questions to make you think:

How many hours do you currently spend in front of the TV every

What does watching so much TV does for your body and health?

Do you always find your self wanting to exercise, but there is always
something that keeps you from doing it?

Do you eat or drink a lot of junk food or pop drinks?
We could keep going with questions, but the bottom line is that there is
NO EXCUSE to be OUT OF SHAPE. We all have at least one hour a day that we can
dedicate to our bodies; our temples.
I strongly believe that we all must strive to stay in good shape, eat right  and maintain
good health, which in turn will bring a higher quality of life. I am no expert in anything,
but with the sole intention of demonstrating hot simple a workout routine can be I will
show you a few pictures of my daily workout routine. A good exercise routine will include
cardiovascular and muscular conditioning. Flexibility is another important thing, being
flexible will allow your joints to have a full range of motion.

I personally have a routine in which I dedicate 3 days per week to muscle conditioning
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; for example. Although on my muscle conditioning
days I do dedicate some time to cardiocascular conditioning, I also dedicate  3 days of the
week exclusively to cardiovascular conditioning. Muscle conditioning should be done in
alternate days just to allow the muscle fibers to recover. The purpose during a muscle
conditioning session is to bring the muscles to the point of exhaustion, to stimulate growth,
Growth which will occur during the 48 hours between sessions.
Before starting any workout though, one must do some stretching and warming up just
like at the end of the workout.
Warm up and cool down are VERY IMPORTANT steps during any excercise session.
My warm up and cool down take about 10 minutes.

Warm up / Cool down exercises can be:
Jumping jacks, knee lifts, arm circles, bicycle and a walk on the threadmill or at the park.

Stretches can be:
Seated butterfly twist, spinal twist, cherry pickers, standing calf stretch, hip flexors,
hamstring stretch, overhead side bends, neck stretch, shoulder reach, and chest shoulder
and biceps stretch.

Some muscle conditioning exercises without the use of weights can be:
Push ups (narrow grip or normal), pull ups, squats, heel raises, crunches, dips, leg lifts and
thigh lifts.

Some muscle conditioning exercises with the use of weights can be:
Lateral side pull down, leg press, chest press, bicep curl, tricep,and shoulder press, among

Below you can click to see pictures of examples of my daily workouts: