Eventually, we moved down to Louisville Kentucky, where we have been since January 2000.
We had the opportunity to work in different hospitals in the Louisville area. We divorced in 2008 after I
returned from back to back mobilizations..
I currently am working in the field of CT scanning, and occasionally in radiography. Also own and operate
Polo K-9, LLC mostly as a canine behavior modification trainer. In 2007 I completed a K-9 Instructor
Course at Tarheel Canine in Sanford North Carolina..
Although most of my background is related to the USMC, I currently serve in the U.S. Navy Reserves in
Louisville Kentucky; always hoped to be of some use on the active duty side at some point.
I have been mobilized three times since 2005 and tried to do my best using whatever skills I have
developed over the years.
Married in 2010 to a very special woman. Samantha and I are big dog lovers and are quite experienced at
training dogs and working behavior issues. We met through North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue and funny I
always had a crush on her but we were always separated by the distance.
I only hope I can either retire and get some land somewhere to open my own sanctuary/kennel or that
while I am still working that we can dedicate more time to training dogs to make them adoptable or to
assist disabled veterans.
Ideally, I would be able to have a sucessful dog related bussiness, but for now I am just sticking to
radiology and part time dog rehab and training.
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During my years in Auxilio Mutuo, I would say I learned and polished my skills in the field of
radiology and became a better technologist.
In November 1998, I married my first wife Aida. That after dating for about one year.
One week after we married, I left Puerto Rico and moved to the area of Northern Kentucky and
in January 1999 was able to bring Aida up there. For a while I worked for companies such as
Walgreens Health Initiatives, and AVON in Cincinnati Ohio.