Our special little boy
We took Rajah in, in March first 2005. Originally
we took him as a foster dog, from
INKY Rottweiler
rescue , however after a few weeks with him we
decided to keep him. Since Juno barely plays
anymore, Annie was in need of a playmate and Raj
has been a perfect match for her.
Rajah has turned out to be a very smart dog. For a
one year and a half old Rottie, he has an
impressive intelligence.
Rajah our little boy that came to us at not even two
years of age as a foster. We took him in to care for
him until a forever home could be found. We
asked if we could help fostering a Rottie so we
could have a companion to play with our Annie,
since Juno is so old that she barely plays anymore.
Fostering Rajah would work two ways, one Annie
got someone to play with while Rajah could have a
temporary home to care for him.
Little we knew, we fell in love with Rajah and
decided to go ahead and adopt him. Rajah to be
honest was not a name we would have used on a
dog of ours, but decided to not change it so he
would not get confused.
About a month later we began his formal obedience
training with Bob Dover at
Kentuckiana K-9
Rajah did pretty good and learned pretty quickly,
and graduated successfully.
Rajah's story is an interesting and sad one.
After adopting him, I had to ask out of
curiosity what his story was. He seemed to be
a normal dog, very affectionate. Plus I
needed to know what the deal was with that
Well I don't know who came up with that
name, but I did find out that it means King.
(Rajah is familiar to us from the Sanskrit rj,
"king," and mahrj, "great king." The
Sanskrit root raj-, "to rule," comes from the
Indo-European root *reg-, "to move in a
straight line, direct, rule." The same
Indo-European root appears in Italic (Latin)
and Celtic. Rx means "king" in Latin,
coming from *reg-s, whence our regal and,
through French, royal. Two of the Gaulish
kings familiar to us from Caesar, Dumnorix
and Vercingetorix, incorporate the Celtic
word rx, "king," in their names. (Rx also
forms part of the name of that fictitious,
indomitable Gaul Asterix.) Germanic at
some time borrowed the Celtic word rx. It
appears as reiks, "ruler," in Gothic, as well
as in older Germanic names ending in -ric,
such as Alaric and Theodoric, the latter of
whom has a name that is equivalent to
German Dietrich, "people's king." A
derivative of Celtic rx, *rg-yo-, meaning
"rule, domain," was also borrowed into
Germanic, and is the source of German
Reich, "rule, empire.)
Well back to Rajah's story. According to Kathy (INKY's president) Raj (as we call him) was found
as a stray in someone's backyard. He was quite skinny, actually when he go to us he was weighing
84 pounds and you could see his ribs. This is a cause of negligence or abuse, either way a very bad
thing to do to a dog. One of INKY's volunteers took him in to the rescue where he got rehabilitated
and began a search for a forever home.

Aida and I have been very happy and lucky to have Rajah with us. Although Annie used to be
Aida's favorite, somehow Rajah has bonded so much with her the she calls him her little boy. She
spoils him so much; you could say he lives up to his name Rajah / King.
Rajah has some interesting features from the way he eats, to how he behaves when he is running or
walking with Aida or me.
All three of our dogs already recognize a fast food place, they know what comes out of the auto
window and they love it.
Every now and then we buy them some dessert or a burger for each.
According to Aida, every time she takes Raj with her in the car to lets say Burger King. She will
buy him a burger and place it in front of him unwrapped.
Rather than just eating the whole thing at once (like most dogs), he will remove the buns, remove
the pickles and eat the meat. Once he is done, he will eat each bun individually and then eat the
Rajah is also the one and only dog I know that will eat any vegetable, and pretty much anything.
He will eat a head of lettuce, a carrot, you name it.
Sometime I refer to him as Mr. Hoover for he reminds me of the vacuum cleaners.
Rajah is very loving of children and likes other dogs very well. At this time he weighs about 105
pounds, 20 pounds more than when he got to us. My guess is that whatever time he spent as a stray
he had to eat anything to survive and kind of eats all he can thinking he might not have another
meal. That ain't happening on my watch. We feed him twice a day about 2 cups of kibble each time.
He seems to love Juno's low calorie food more than his own, so every now and then we let him have
some of Juno's food.
Rajah the former abused stray dog that lives like a king.
Our friend, our brother, our baby...
Note that although he is very protective of Aida, we don't call him our protector for that is not his
purpose in life.
Raj's purpose in life is to be pampered and keep us company.
Adopted, socialized, trained and educated... key to a happy companion dog and family.