My little babies
Meet my  babies; Annie, Juno, Rajah and now Nicki. My whole life I have been a dog lover.
Ever since I was a kid, I always remember having dogs around me. Great companions friends, and in some occasions protectors.
Over the years, I have dedicated a lot of time to read and educate myself about different breeds of dogs and their behavior.
Currently I own a 9 year old female Rottweiler (Annie), a little 4 year old "Sheperd mix" (Nicki), and a 4 year male old Belgian Malinois (Vinnie).
Also I have 3 permanent foster Brutus (6 year male old Rottweiler), Tanner (4 year old Black Great Dane) and Bruno (4 year old Doberman).
I am working with rescues every time I can and aim to becoming certified as a Master Trainer at some point in the near future. For now my title is
K-9 Instructor, but being a Master Trainer is my goal and to have my own sanctuary.
I have been able to work with a few dogs and modifying undesireable behaviors such as fears,
aggression, etc. and want to be able to help save more of these little guys.
I am always comfortable around dogs, they are my therapy and motivation.
Sometimes I just think of myself as another dog, and work to fulfill their needs just as they fulfill me.
That is probably why often you will hear me refer to them as my "canine brothers and sisters".
My family is their pack and their pack is my family.
My life was saved by dogs at some poing in my life and I like to return the favor.
My dogs, like any dog are very kind and very loyal. The key to a great dog, is lots of discipline, love and caring.
They will give you many times that love in return, as well as companionship and joy.
I treat all my dogs just like I treat people, with dignity and respect. One other key factor to a well behaved dog is training.
Just as you send your kids to school, your dog needs schooling in order to be stable and perform as expected.
You can't expect to have Lassie or Rin Tin Tin if you didn't make the effort.
A well trained and properly
socialized dog will give you
many years of pleasant
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on each baby
A human has 46 chromosomes, the
cat has 38 and the dog has 78.
Sometimes I wonder how we made it
to be the dominant ones, with all the
stupid and abusive people that
mistreat animals and the people that
love them.
Don't let me catch you abusing a
dog, or animals for I might do to you
what you did to them!
Don't let me catch you abusing a
dog, or animals for I might do to you
what you did to them!