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Annie is our little girl. Our gentle giant
Annie is quite big and although a bit obese, she is very agile. Annie weighs 110 pounds.
Adopted from
INKY Rottweiler rescue in April 2004, at the age of 2 years.
She came in as a very shy girl, which bonded immediately with Aida and took a bit of time to trust me.
It is believed a human male must have abused her at some point. We cannot confirm this, but I could sense it from the way she reacted to me every time I would move my hands to scratch my hand for example. Annie can get a little separation anxiety every now and then. We have worked with her and little by little. Annie is a very sweet girl, full of love and always looking to be by our side.  Annie is great around furniture when playing. If her ball or toy gets under furniture and she can't get it, she leaves it alone and comes to get you so you get it for her.
Annie's first picture with me the day after her adoption
Annie is a gentle giant. She loves children and loves playing with other dogs.
She is not the most courageous dog in this world, and actually I lover her just like that. I don't want her defending me, I am the one to defend and protect her. She tends to freeze any time another dog shows aggression towards her. Last time we got attacked by two black labs while running, all she did was hide behind my legs and shake all curled up. I was surprised of such a big dog being so afraid as to shake so much, but I was proud of her because that made it so much easier for me to deal with those two lose dogs.
Had Annie tried to defend us, I would have had to deal with a three dog fight rather than just scaring the two lose dogs.
Some people have called her a coward, but to me she is my little girl. I'd rather have a coward in a dog fight than a ridiculously brave dog that jumps to fight immediately, and goes out of control. Hey I am big enough to put up a good fight.
Annie is the submissive type of dog....
She is the dog that will lie on her back and show her belly any time she is scared, or feels she is in trouble.
I am glad though, that she has bonded with me so well that she is no longer afraid of my hand.
She jumps in bed wanting to rest her head on my chest.
Annie is very obedient, follows commands pretty well. She likes to be spoiled and likes to feel like more special than the other dogs around, she knows she is my little girl. What I mean by that is that she always expects something in addition to what the other dogs get, like after they all eat she will come expecting for me to pet her, or will come asking for a treat. If we go to Burger King or a place like that, Annie wants to be first one getting the ice cream. She has a sweet tooth.
I don't mean to use any anthropomorphism and give her human qualities (as some people oppose that dogs and animals in general cannot have human like emotions or reactions).
Dogs have the mental capabilities of a 2 or 3 year old kid, so they can display jealousy and expect things to make them feel more special than the other dogs.
See in her eyes, Aida and I are the ALPHA DOGS or leaders of the pack and she will do anything to get close to the leader or leaders. She needs to feel protected and reassured.
Annie is a puppy in a huge body. I don't mean to underestimate her, oh no.
She is very smart and learns pretty quickly. . .
Annie's submissiveness is good and bad, it is good because she will want to please you more than the average dog, which means easier to train.
However, it can be bad because that also means that she needs a bit more self confidence and learn to be more independent so she doesn't get those separation anxiety attacks that she gets every now and then.
I do not believe in medicating her when I am not home, so I have blocked areas of the house to minimize any possible damage in case she gets anxious. I must say, she behaves great when alone with my old old old Juno but can be a bit mischievous when with other young dogs.
She will tell me when she has done something wrong though, she just knows. She is like a kid.
All I have to do is come into the house and point at lets say a cup on the floor, or it she had an accident inside the house. If Annie was the one who grabbed the cup from the sink and put it on the floor (she never breaks them, just puts them on the floor), or had an accident; she will tell me.
All I have to do is ask "WHO DID THIS?" or "WHO DID THAT?" and point at it. If she was the one, she will walk to her crate by herself with her head down. Just ashamed.
Now if she didn't do something, she will just keep on looking at me and licking my hand.
Annie is big on kisses, all I have to do is say "ANNIE GIMME A KISS" and she will lick my face each and every time. She is so full of love... She makes me so proud...
As submissive as she is, she has tried to imitate Juno's behavior at times especially by trying to boss Rajah around. Rajah lets her think she's boss, but every now and then he will pee on her if she gets on his nerves. Interesting reaction when he gets fed up with her ...
It is just an interesting relationship they have. I love to watch them interact with each other, one can learn so much from them...
Kathy from INKY Rottweiler rescue was right about Annie's disposition to give lots of love. She loves people a lot and is always very playful.
I understand that she belonged to a couple and allegedly she chewed on furniture or something like that.
I understand that basically Annie was exchanged for new furniture. By that I mean that the husband apparently said, it's either the dog or new furniture and as many people do they got rid of the dog. Just as if the dog was disposable.
We were warned about the possibility of furniture chewing, etc. but never had any chewing problems. We keep her busy with toys and TV. Annie likes watching the History channel I believe, I have never seen her change the channel from where I set the TV so she must really like it.
I bet you Annie knows more about history than me. All she needs is to start talking.
Annie bonded with my old Juno, so well that it scared me to think what would happen to Annie's emotional being if Juno was no longer with us at any point
Annie with mom. Annie loves being rubbed on her chest